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So MFF has come and gone and being my first con i was so happy. I made so many friends and mooglepower kind of took me into his skit and i was so scared but apparently it went great i am so glad because it was really short notice ^.^ if anyone finds pictures or videos with me in my Howlie suit in them please shoot them my way :3


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Thish is the first sketch I have really tried hard at in at least four years, I just got a new sketch book and pencils and I thought I would try them out. Tell me what you think ^.^
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This is the possible first two chapters of a possible story I may write. I hope you will read it and look for both positives and negatives in my story. I would however if you could to find 3 specific things I did well and 3 specific things I can improve on and how.

The plot is that the main character Howlie is a black tiger and very young and naive. He has much to learn about life in general and ends up falling in love.


Chapter 1.
Howlie looked at the field of red and gold as the sun rose on his village. He was very young to be out on his own. Therefore he was also naïve. Ever since he was a cub, Howlie fought many internal battles. He thought that the worst of his fights were over. He had yet to learn the importance of teamwork and most of all had yet to feel the impact of love.
Howlie lived in the village of Kihan with his aunt and uncle. He lived a very ignorant life. Howlie only had one real friend, Charles Renard whom he called Chewie. Chewie was always there for Howlie, even when Howlie was being a pain in the tail. Every time Howlie looked into the mirror and saw that ugly scar over his eye Howlie would think of Chewie. Sometimes it made him curl into a ball to get away from the world.
Howlie had just turned eighteen and was ready to take on the world. Being the overconfident male he was, decided to go and try to party with some of the other males in the village club. The club was in the one of the larger huts and was where most of the adults hung out on weekends. The inside was really nothing that impressive; the whole hut was kind of run down and smelled of sweat and vomit. Nevertheless it was a place for the members of the village to hang out. Usually there was a live performance and sometimes an open stage night.
Howlie decided that he would try his hand at some comedy. Howlie was a terrible comic and everyone hated it. Howlie decided to make some sly comment as an act of desperation accusing lions of being muscle-bound idiots. A large male lion that wasn’t very happy that Howlie came at all became furious at him and before Howlie knew what was going on he found him-self in a fight…

Howlie snapped out of his trance trying not to think about his painful past. He returned to his hut to get a clean loin cloth and headed to the public bath. Howlie always liked to bathe alone. The privacy gave him-self time to think about life. Howlie sat down in the bath feeling the warm water surround his body.
Howlie’s mind began to drift. He wondered why the other males hated him so.
“Today is the day I show them that I am not a cub anymore!” Howlie said to himself
He thought about how he could impress the others and decided he would catch the largest, most delicious, antelope on the entire plain, and he would do it by himself.
Howlie finished washing up, put on the clean cloth, and returned to his home to finish getting ready for the long day ahead. When he returned to his hut he found, Chewie sitting on his bed waiting for him.
“Chewie, what are you doing here?” Howlie inquired
“I was just making sure you weren’t going to get yourself into any trouble today,” Chewie smiled.
“I don’t need you to look after me all the time you know.”
“That’s what you said when that happened,” Chewie replied pointing to the scar over the tiger’s eye.
“Can you just leave me alone for a while I have to finish drying off and getting ready.”
“Sure thing, I’ll talk to you later.”
Chewie padded out of the hut and Howlie rolled his eyes.
“I’m not a cub anymore,” Howlie said to himself. “I really can do things on my own. I’ll show them all today. Howlie, the best hunter in the universe, they will say.”
Howlie smiled to him self as he combed his black fur. Howlie stood proud looking at the orange striped figure standing in front of him. He pounded his white chest trying to show that he was strong. It hurt more than he expected and had to rub the pain out of the area he hit before he continued to get ready. Next he put his necklace around his neck. That necklace meant more to him than anyone could ever understand. Howlie felt a tear form in his emerald green eye but quickly brushed it away. Howlie began to brush his blue hair and pulled it back letting a green streak hang forward. Howlie then put on his father’s arm band and headed out to prove himself.

Chapter 2

Howlie managed to sneak out of the village without anyone noticing. Once he left the village he ran off onto the plains. He looked for hours before and became very tired. He sat down next to a boulder to rest.
“This is harder than I thought,” Howlie muttered to himself. “I thought that I would have at least ran into one heard by now.”
Howlie lay his head down on the rock and drifted into sleep. 

“But Daddy, you have to stay here with me,” Howlie pleaded to his father. “I don’t want you to go, you won’t come home.”
“Howlie, I always come home, I am a great warrior and no one will defeat me!” Howlie’s father declared, “I promise I will return and to prove it I will leave you my necklace. I expect it in perfect condition when I return.”
“Yes Daddy, I will keep it very safe,” Howlie replied still not wanting his father to leave.
Howlie watched as his father walked out the door.

“Daddy!” Howlie screamed as he awoke from his dream.
Howlie clutched his necklace in his paw holding it close to his heart drifting back into sleep.
An hour or so late Howlie awoke to hear some rustling in the grass. He slowly stood up and peered over the boulder. To his surprise there was a herd of the largest zebras he had ever scene. Howlie knew that this was his chance to prove himself. Howlie crept up very slowly keeping as close to the ground as possible and with his spear in hand charged the herd.
Howlie managed to kill one of the larger zebras only to find that the leader of the herd became furious and decided to attack Howlie. Howlie turned around just in time to jump out of the way of the charging beast. Howlie realized the danger he was in and decided foolishly to run for home.
Howlie ran faster than he ever had before until he reached his home. Not realizing that the herd had followed him he sighed with relief until he heard a loud rumbling. Howlie turned around to see a cloud of dust and an army of zebras heading for the village. Howlie jumped into his tent and hid thinking of the consequences of what he had just done.
Howlie just lay there curled up listening to the horrible sounds out side. He heard cubs screaming and crying and Howlie just wanted it all to be over. After the square had become silent Howlie crept out of his hut to find the village in shambles. Huts were destroyed villagers lie injured in the market.
Howlie stopped cold when he saw a small lion cub lying in the street. Howlie ran over to see that it was not breathing. Howlie put his face into his paws and cried, and, for once, he wasn’t crying for himself.
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The first annual Minnesota Out Campus Conference (MOCC) is over and was very impressive. I enjoyed myself greatly and hope to use all that we discussed. There is no better feeling than knowing you are helping make a difference.
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I getting ready to leave for the Minnesota Out Campus Conference. MOCC is a conference for different colleges about GLBT issues. I as a gay student find this to be extremely exciting.
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